Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Pants on fire

The Dave Hill blog is carrying our obsessive old mayor’s rebuttal of the Forensic Audit Panel. Clearly the old mayor has still not got out of the habit of repeating outrageous porkies in the hope that they will stick in people’s minds. Take for instance this claim:

The waste so far of Boris Johnson’s administration includes £30 million a year extra cost to Transport for London for implementing its cycling programme now that the income to cover it from the £25 a day charge on gas guzzlers will not be received …

The old mayor knows full well that the Emissions Related Congestion Charging scheme he proposed would have led to a reduction in Congestion Charge income. A small number of increased £25 charges from large vehicles would have been more than offset by the loss of £8 charges from many more band A and B cars. The idea that the scheme would have generated new net cash to the tune of £30 million is an outrageous lie.