Ealing and Northfield

Boris in Ealing to help launch Mela

I cycled over to the Brilliant restaurant in Southall this morning to take part in the launch do for this year’s Mela. Council leader Jason Stacey introduced the Mayor who recounted his limited experience of Bhangra style dancing at a cousin’s wedding in Delhi.

According to Boris it goes: “lightbulb, lightbulb, motorbike, motorbike”.

There were quite a view press people there, including the Evening Standard, who did this small piece, and the BBC Asian Network. The picture above is nicked from the Standard (fair use and all that). Our assembly member, Richard Barnes, was there as you might expect and also the Mayor’s comms guru, Guto Hari, who is Welsh if you are wondering where the name comes from. LibDem councillors Harvey Rose and Jon Ball made an appearance along with Labour assembly member Murad Qureshi.

An authentic Punjabi breakfast was promised but I had to get on with my day with just a glass of passion fruit juice to keep me going. Now I know where the Brilliant is I’ll have to go there for a proper meal soon and find out if it lives up to the hype.