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Healthy Ealing? – ish

On Tuesday the latest health profile for Ealing was published, see here. The NHS is such a cumbersome bureaucracy that the report is based on three year old figures. There are four areas where Ealing is seriously underperforming:

  • childhood obesity
  • children’s tooth decay
  • diabetes
  • new cases of TB.

The first three of these shout out that we have to get kids off the sweet stuff and look at all our diets.

Although Ealing Hospital does get very bad reports it is re-assuring that the trend pictures show Ealing improving along with the England average over the last ten years.

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A gradual convergence of the sexes? It would be interesting to know if Ealing Hospital is to some extent being overwhelmed by numbers due to obvious increases in population and whether statistics show another hospital will be required, even allowing for improved primary care.

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