Wasteful prof on the wrong side of the sus debate

Eleven MillionSir Al Aynsley-Green, who has previous for being wasteful with money, has put himself on the wrong side of the debate about stopping and searching young people by saying:

There is a balance here. On the one hand for young people to feel safer by having the presence of the police – but on the other hand making sure the new powers don’t create further antagonism by increased stopping and searching.

These are very contentious and I certainly support the case for much more research on the effects of these policies on them.

You can’t argue with his point about striking a balance but to use the word contentious in the context of the police addressing our horrific teen murder rate in London is just to make a prat of yourself. Sir Al needs to get to a few London secondary schools and ask a few of the kids what their biggest worry is – other kids carrying knives silly.