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Mayor gets to work

Ray Lewis supported Boris at both his initial policing launch and at his last push event.

Good to see the Mayor hitting the ground running.

Lewis’ CV is pretty inspirational and he is a very engaging speaker. He says:

We see no shortage of young black males in the courtrooms, so my vision is to seek to prepare as many as possible for the boardrooms.

Good start.

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I thought you only got one Deputy Mayor, and he/she had to be an assembly member, i.e. Barnesy:

49 The Deputy Mayor

(1) There shall be a Deputy Mayor of London (“the Deputy Mayor”).

(2) The Deputy Mayor shall have such functions as may be conferred or imposed upon him by or under this Act or any other enactment, whenever passed or made.

(3) The Deputy Mayor shall be appointed by the Mayor from among the Assembly members.

(4) A person must not hold the offices of Deputy Mayor and Chair of the Assembly at the same time.

(5) If the Mayor appoints as Deputy Mayor the person who is the Chair of the Assembly, a vacancy shall arise in the office of Chair of the Assembly.

(6) Subsections (4) and (5) above apply in relation to the Deputy Chair of the Assembly as they apply in relation to the Chair of the Assembly.

(7) A person appointed Deputy Mayor shall not act in that office unless or until he has satisfied in respect of his office as an Assembly member the requirements of section 28(1) above.

(8) A person shall cease to be the Deputy Mayor if—

(a) he ceases to be an Assembly member;

(b) he at any time gives notice of resignation as the Deputy Mayor to the proper officer of the Authority; or

(c) the Mayor at any time gives him notice terminating his appointment as Deputy Mayor.

(9) A person who ceases to be Deputy Mayor shall be eligible for reappointment.


I think Boris will have a number of informal Deputy Mayors – Livingstone called them advisors. Boris is just giving them another title. There will only be one formal Deputy Mayor – who presumably is there in law to take over in case of death or incapacity of the mayor.

I shouldn’t stress about the terminology.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of having met Rupa, as I have, knows that she is an intelligent, charming and pleasant woman. Her comment above is untypical.

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