Knives and the teenage death toll

The Mayor and the Metropolitan Police are today highlighting the work they have done to tackle knife crime. 193 weapons have been seized and 210 people arrested. You have to hope that they convert some of these arrests into jail sentences if the message is going to get through.

Altogether 4,277 stop and searches have been made so far as a part of what they call Operation Blunt 2.

At the same time the Home Office has launched a set of ads designed to reach youngsters which they will deliver using new media, see here.

Today the BBC is reporting that the lad who was shot in the head in Camden on Saturday night has died bringing to 15 the number of teenagers murdered in London so far this year. It seems the kid involved was no saint but you have to feel sad about a 17 year old shot to death.

I didn’t write about the 14th victim, Robert Knox, as his death was being widely covered by the mainstream media. It is good to see Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, more visibly engaged with this issue. Apparently after having nicked 200-odd carriers of knives over the last few weeks with Operation Blunt 2 he has found out that the majority of weapons are simply taken from the kitchen drawer. That comes as no surprise.

The BBC is keeping this sad list.