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Ealing Hospital – could do better, much better

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Today the Healthcare Commission has published various summaries of its latest patient satisfaction survey, see BBC coverage here and Ealing Times. Amongst this wave of numbers is a report detailing Ealing Hospital Trust’s performance, as judged by its own patients, follow link.

According to the BBC Ealing is amongst the worst ten hospital trusts in the country. The Ealing report makes pretty poor reading. In 44 out of 62 questions Ealing was in the lowest 20% of NHS trusts. It was at the bottom of the class in the following seven areas:

  • Did you have confidence in the nurses treating you?
  • Did a member of staff explain the risks and benefits of the operation or procedure?
  • Did a member of staff answer your questions about the operation or procedure?
  • On leaving hospital, did hospital staff tell you who to contact if you were worried about your condition?
  • Did you feel you were treated with respect and dignity while you were in the hospital?
  • How would you rate how well the doctors and nurses worked together?
  • Overall, how would you rate the care you received?

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