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Boris still going strong

A week since the election and Boris is still going strong with more frantic new broom type sweeping from the new mayor. Today we hear he is sending in the heavies to both the GLA and the LDA to find out where our money is going.

It is striking how he is using the expertise of the Tory borough leaders. He has hired two from Westminster and Bexley and now two more are lending a hand from Hammersmith & Fulham and Wandsworth.

Stephen Greenhalgh, leader of Hammersmith & Fulham is famous for cutting their council tax by 3% two years running since his gung ho young group were elected in May 2006. Edward Lister has 15 years experience as leader of Wandsworth grinding out efficiencies. The A Team are on the job.

The Evening Standard is also reporting that the Chief Executive of the LDA, Manny Lewis, has been given six months pay to go quietly. He will be replaced by Westminster council chief executive Peter Rogers. I suspect we will be seeing a lot more bang for the LDA buck very shortly.

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“It is striking how he is using the expertise of the Tory borough leaders.”

Yeah, really striking. Employing his political allies, unbelievable, never expected it, strike me down with a feather, what a ringing endorsement that a Tory should choose to employ Tories, well I never.

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