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BNP get assembly seat

The bad news from last night is that the odious Richard Barnbrook got an assembly seat for the BNP. The BNP nudged over the 5% hurdle, polling 5.33% of the London-wide vote.

It is a shame that more of the disaffected voters who voted for them didn’t vote for UKIP – at least a UKIP member would have been given a hearing and would be able to represent the views of those that feel that the major parties aren’t for them. The BNP will be ignored with their weird mixture of views which combine pretty much naked racism and socialism. I am not a UKIP supporter – I am probably at the other end of the right spectrum but would ten times rather give UKIP house room than the BNP.

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A great pity Bob Blackman lost his seat, and by a narrow margin. He was one of the more effective Assembly Members and always worth listening to.

But the Conservatives have done well. I am astonished they picked up three London-wide seats but now they have enough Members to get their Budget approved (it only needs 9 votes) for the next 4 years with no trouble. I am not sure this is a good thing and would much rather the Budget was subject to a simple majority vote, but that is the way this Labour government set it up in 1999 and re-affirmed last year.

The single BNP Member will be able to do virtually nothing. No seat on Committees, no seat on a Functional Body such as the Fire Authority or Police Authority, in fact he will have just 1 / 25th of the total speaking time at Mayor’s Question time and if he proposes a motion, no one will want to second it.

So he has got a sort of non-job. It needs a Party group of at least two or more to have seats on Committees and the Functional Bodies and to have enough combined speaking time to make it all worthwhile.

As long as Boris doesn’t try to do too much too soon I think he will turn out to be a good Mayor. Ken Livingstone once told me it took him the first 3 years after he was elected the first time to learn the job and it took me about 3 years of being an Assembly Member before I felt really confident and comfortable about it. Now, just when I feel I can be of some use in the job, I’m no longer elected! Ah well, that’s life sometimes!

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