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Wasting police time, wasting your money

I picked up this report in the Guardian that policing the Chinese secret police torch event cost us £750,000 according to the Metropolitan Police Authority. Apparently the document rather undermines the Mayor’s claim not to have known in advance that China’s secret police goons would be muscling their way through our streets two weeks back.

According to the MPA briefing paper the Chinese goons had been part of a legal agreement between the Greater London Authority, ie the organisation that the Mayor is responsible for, and the Beijing organising committee of the Olympic games, drawn up last year. According to Brian Paddick the report made it clear Livingstone had known about the guards before the event.

This gives a lie to the Mayor’s statement that:

We did not organise that. We did not know beforehand these thugs were from the security services. Had I known so, we would have said no.

To his credit the Mayor usually has a firm grip on the detail. How did this detail escape him?

Mmm. The truth and the Mayor. How far apart?

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Phil, your obsession with Ken Livingstone is like some kind of fatal attraction. Will you be boiling his newts next?

After May 1st I will probably leave the Mayor to do his job for a couple of years whoever wins. I expect it to be Boris by a reasonable 5-10 point margin.

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