Ealing and Northfield

Tories to spend more on Ealing’s roads in three years than Labour did in seven

Another Ealing Conservative Group press release – this time road and footpath resurfacing/replacement. In our first three years in power we will have spent more than Labour did in seven years on roads. And we have the roads to show for it!

Ealing’s Conservative Cabinet this evening approved an £8.5M new capital spend to improve the Borough’s roads and footways. It follows years of neglect from the previous Labour administration which skimped on basic Council services whilst wasting residents’ money on grandiose projects such as the discredited Response Programme.

The extra investment will allow for 164 road schemes and 83 footway schemes across the Borough in 2008/09. This represents a doubling of the number of roads and footways resurfaced in 2007/08 and an increase of eight fold since Labour’s last year in office.

Ealing’s backlog of poor roads is a large one, but the extra investment will see the quality of Ealing’s roads improve significantly compared with other Boroughs.

Cabinet Member for Transport, Cllr Vlod Barchuk welcomed the Tory commitment to road and footway investment:

“I am pleased that Cabinet has agreed to such a significant increase in investment in an area that affects every person in the Borough. Labour’s skimping on road funding was a false economy as it meant more claims against the Council and more need for reactive work from emergency safety inspections. We now have cleaner streets thanks to a Conservative administration, and this money will help to deliver streets that are safer because they are free of potholes.”