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Soylent Green?

Today Ealing Council issued a press release talking about its excellent food recycling scheme. I am very happy to acknowledge that we inherited this scheme from the previous administration and have been enthusiastically moving it forward. The Council has been collecting residents’ food leftovers in green food caddies since 2006. In 2007 it began a six-month trial in partnership with waste management company Cawleys and BIOGEN. Cawleys handle the bulk collection of Ealing’s waste and deliver it to BIOGEN’s Bedfordshire based anaerobic digestion plant.

Seeing this and having Charlton Heston’s recent sad death in mind I was immediately reminded of his excellent sci-fi movie Soylent Green. The plot involved a future dystopia with food scarcity and a corporation manufacturing a food which turned out to be made of euthanased bodies. Maybe one day I will have to wangle a trip to the BIOGEN plant to check where our food goes.

The good news is that the usual post mortem movie season will allow us to see Soylent Green again sooner rather than later.

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[…] Last month I jokingly drew comparisons between Ealing’s food re-cycling scheme and the Charlton Heston sci-fi flick Soylent Green. BBC TV coverage yesterday seems to indicate that there is nothing sinister happening at Biogen although they might want to think about their name, sounds like something from another bad sci-fi movie. Click through for pictures of ECT collecting food and lush crops and electricity being generated from it. […]

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