Free Tibet Rally, Argyle Square

Free Tibet rally

This afternoon I went to Argyle Square to take part in the Free Tibet Rally. My photo isn’t very good and fails to convey that the small square was very full. I reckon that something in the order of 1,000 people were there and I was disappointed not to see it covered on BBC News 24 since I have got home. I did briefly turn over to Sky News to see them interviewing Joanna Lumley at the entrance to the garden.

The high point for me was an excellent speech by Labour Vauxhall MP, Kate Hoey, who excoriated Gordon Brown for getting involved in the torch relay and asked how dare the Chinese ambassador parade through London with the torch.

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I was there too, gained a lot of respect for Kate Hoey and I’m also concerned at the lack of any media interest – I can only conclude that camera teams and reporters were stretched very thinly.
Ironic that this event was probably as well attended as any of the official entertainments.
Did you them slamming all the big wooden doors on St Pancras station as the crowds went by, on the way to see off the Tibet freedom torch?.

The atmoshere at the Argyle square rally was amazing!
But I dread to think what is going to happen to TIBET and its people over the next few months…who really cares? Those who care have no influence beyond offering prayers and hope…cultural genocide turns into genocide? FREE TIBET CHINA OUT

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