Ealing and Northfield

Ealing Times picks up £1,800 per hour line

Yesterday Ealing Times picked up my line about Cllr Sharma collecting £1,800 an hour for his appearance at Thursday’s Education, Leisure and Children’s Social Services Standing Scrutiny Panel, see previous posting.

A commenter calling themself “Idon’tlike cheapshots” left this comment:

I was under the impression that Cllrs were paid an allowance rather than a salary or attendance allowance. I was also under the impression that a large amount of a councillor’ workload was community engagement, helping with constituents casework etc.
If Cllr Taylor has any evidence that the Mr Sharma has not been working for the residents of Norwood Green then please tell us.

Whoever left this comment, my money is on Cllr Bell, really isn’t that clever. “Cheapshots” is a typical Bell phrase used to dismiss a valid point by implying it somehow belittles councillors to point out that one of their number is not giving good value for money. It is Sharma doing all the damage.

The phrase “community engagement” is also a total give away. Only political insiders, and only Labour ones at that, use this kind of junk language. Fess up Cllr Bell.