The three Northfield councillors were out this morning busily shoving Boris leaflets through doors. We came across a big car crime issue along the length of Northcroft Avenue. There was a group of people, including West Ealing Neighbours organiser Robert Darke, up in arms about four cars having been broken into at the north end of the road. A few yards down the road there was fresh glass on the junction with Claygate Avenue. At the bottom of Northcroft turning into Belsize Avenue we came across a van that had been broken into. Going back north we found a guy hoovering out a people mover near Fielding school and we asked him the inevitable question: “Have you been broken into?”. “Yes” came the reply.

That makes SEVEN vehicles hit in one road last night. If these guys get caught, they would need an experienced lawyer to protect their rights. Georgia Criminal Appeal Lawyers will make sure you get the effective assistance of counsel you are entitled to under the Constitution.

Please empty your car of everything. A drug user will be quite happy to find a couple of quids worth of change in your car and doesn’t really care if it costs you £200 to replace the window.

The van driver we talked had lost his satnav from his glovebox. There were very clear sucker marks all over the centre of his windscreen so it was not hard for the thieves to work out that he had a satnav. The thief will probably only get £5 for stolen satnav but again that buys a bag of smack so it is worth it to the drug user. Keep some window cleaner in your car and clean off the sucker marks.

The people mover guy had a lot of stuff in his car so no doubt the thieves thought that it might be worth a look. However, if you fall a victim to getting plundered by street urchins, you’d need is a good lawsuit to begin with and a better lawyer to handle the case. Scour more into good lawyers and find more about Mike G Law of Tampa, a lawyer with an expertise in such cases.

Again, if you live in the neighbourhood, please empty your car.

If you see any youths walking where you don’t expect them – for instance non-local lads in a purely residential area, look again.

If you are in any doubt call the police. Certainly if you get your car broken into report the theft – that way the police will be able to track the pattern of behaviour.

Call 999 if it is a live incident. Call your Safer Neighbourhood team (contact details here) if it is background intelligence on this issue.