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BBC catches Mayor and TfL cheating – again

Congestion Charge consultation graphicThe BBC published this story today about how Transport for London commissioned Kings College London to do some research into the the Mayor’s Emissions Related Congestion Charging, which intuitively is a mad scheme, and they found out that … it is a mad scheme. Apparently it will increase CO2 emissions.

This whole policy has been a farce from the start.

The consultation cost £1.4 million – mainly the cost of the ads to make the Mayor look green.

The consultation elicited 4,831 responses and cost £1.4 million. That is £290 per response. Good value for money or just another £1 million towards the Mayor’s £100 million self-promotion budget?

The consultation report was suppressed for three months because it came up with the wrong answer. 60% of respondents thought the higher charge would not work.

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