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94% of Ealing streets Grade A

Today the Ealing Conservative Group (of councillors) issued a press release saying:

Ealing’s streets continued to get even cleaner in March, with the best figures yet from inspectors being released today. The monitoring figures reveal that in March 2008, 94% of the Borough’s streets were cleaned to ‘Grade A’ standard. This is up from 81% in the same time last year, and just 58% when monitoring began in October 2006. The figures also show that every part of the Borough is very much cleaner than it was under Labour. Not a single ward falls below 90% ‘Grade A’ standard.

The previous Labour administration did not bother to independently monitor street cleaning performance of the contractor, so there are no comparable figures available in months before October 2006. However inspections undertaken by the Audit Commission four years ago revealed that Ealing officially had the dirtiest streets of all London’s 33 Boroughs under Labour.

Cabinet Member for Environment and Street Services, Cllr Will Brooks said the spectacular improvement in street cleaning was a result of the Conservative administration’s extra investment and emphasis of performance management. He said:

“Ealing is a much more pleasant place to live now we have gone from having the dirtiest streets in London under Labour to some of the cleanest. It is especially pleasing that every part of the Borough has benefited from the increased investment and improved management. The challenge is now to keep the streets clean and ensure that no part of Ealing is again left in the state of filth and disregard that Labour left us with.”

The town does seem to be cleaner. Yeah! The formula is quite simple. If you are paying a contractor then insist they do the job properly. People wonder what London would be like under a Boris mayoralty. Like Ealing!

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This is good news but I think we have to lay credit at the door of the Polish workers who are now employed to clean our streets. Their thoroughness and diligence is second to none. Wherever they are they work extremely hard and keep everything clean. So, thank you to our new Polish migrants.

As a local resident having endured the dismal performance of the previous Labour Councils I say three cheers to Jason Stacey for introducing in-house performance marking of individual roads which has replaced the previous self-marking contracts.
This allied to increased investment and street cleaning after rubbish collection has led to this major improvement.
Cheap foreign labour has probably helped a little, one hopes not at the expense of the less able but reliable who have filled this niche and been largely unsung and poorly managed in recent years.

A good work ethic is priceless. The Poles have it and are making a big difference to lots of things in Ealing and long may this continue! If the previous street cleaners were not so inclined to work hard then they deserve to be replaced with harder working Poles. Ealing’s streets are definitely better off since the Poles came!

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