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RMT/TSSA to knock out Tube for four days

News just out that RMT and TSSA are proposing a strike from 6.30pm on Sunday 6th April until the same on Wednesday 9th. These cynical twits know that London Underground will want to get all its trains back to depots so the network will start to collapse on Sunday lunchtime and it will not get back into its stride until lunchtime on Thursday so in effect the strike will last four days.

Bob Crow ex TfL Board MemberThey don’t mind lashing out at Livingstone who will have his preposterous Olympic torch relay upstaged on the Sunday. I expect to be at the Tibet rally in Argyle Square so I guess I will have to walk home. Thanks Crow, you ugly bugger.

It only emerged today that Livingstone took £20,000, which has never been officially registered with the Electoral Commission, off ASLEF at the last election. In return he has to just shut up I guess when the rail unions decide they want to throw their weight around.

Boris Johnson has pledged to put an end to this nonsense which has seen 16 Tube strikes under Livingstone. Boris says:

Once again under Mayor Livingstone, Londoners will have to face hours of misery on the tube – all because the Labour Mayor hasn’t got a plan to work with the unions.

Ken Livingstone has repeatedly shown himself to be unwilling to deal with the problem of strikes and the deeper issues behind them. He has been in office for eight years; in that time there have been 16 incidents of industrial action, which have led to a disruption of services.

London needs a forceful advocate on behalf of Londoners to work constructively with all the unions to solve this problem. I will be pro-active, and seek to negotiate – in good faith – a no strike deal with the unions. In return, they will have a guarantee of independent arbitration that will rule on pay and working conditions. This is a fair solution that is designed to build bridges with a fresh approach. It would guarantee union members long-term job safety, while ensuring that London is kept moving.

The current Mayor has simply stopped trying to deal with London’s problems. London needs to vote for change on May 1st to find solutions to London’s problems – and to strike out the strikes.

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Sack ’em all..

Close the system down.

Ship all the bus loads of Poles coming in at Dover and five them instant employment on the Underground (half of the incoming poles have degrees and so are capable of communicating verbally without the need for RMT Union interpreters and the Police). Replace everyone from top to bottom and break this culture of naval-gazing indulgence! How can the RMT be concerned with “safety”–do they mean safety for the customers who get dragged down under trains or have to wait hours to get home on a crumbling system of perpetual camera surveillance and no accountable staff. Remember, I don’t see RMT or TTSA saying anything about the lack of passenger seating at stations, about the tube system that is LEGALLY unfit for the transportation of livestock in hot weather (BUT is fit for the transportation of people who get high-blood pressure as a result of their experiences) while the drivers sit in their air-conditioned cabs, or of the risks associated with the 600V twin-tail “instant death” Victorian DC system that underlies the tube system…. Who are we kidding, this has nothing to do with CUSTOMER SAFETY, its all to do with “jobs for the union boys”….

As I said…

Sack ’em all.


Sack ’em all! We have tens of thousands of highly educated east-Europeans flooding into London, so why don’t we just get rid of everyone in London Underground and hire these excellent migrnants (about half of whom are university educated) straight “off-the-boat” and build something new and worthwhile, rather than the jobs-worth jobs for the boys system where “the customer is always wrong” and have a good system for the Oympics that we can be rpoud of where “the customer is king”.

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