Mayor Johnson

Livingstone the obsessive, Hendy the collaborator, Berry the stooge

Today was a another bad day for the Mayor.

Andrew Gimson in the Telegraph this morning is another voice pointing out that the Mayor is talking about Boris too much:

Ken Livingstone has shown signs, during the launch of his bid for re-election as London mayor, of becoming obsessed by Mr Johnson.

Rightly, Gimson also points out that Doreen Lawrence does no credit to the memory of her murdered son by turning him into a pawn in Livingstone’s game. Gimson says:

Mr Livingstone advanced under cover of a heart-felt endorsement from Doreen Lawrence, the mother of the murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence, who said: “Ken has given tremendous support to the Stephen Lawrence Centre which is in memory of my son. I do not believe the Tory candidate would have had such commitment to the centre.”

These were harsh words. Mrs Lawrence claimed that racist attacks have fallen by more than 50 per cent since Mr Livingstone became mayor, and said this “culture of openness, tolerance and mutual respect” will be endangered if he loses.

But since the culture of openness, tolerance and mutual respect already excludes Mr Johnson, one could say it is already endangered by the methods adopted by Mr Livingstone, and especially by the tactic of getting a bereaved mother to run down his rival.

Tonight Andrew Gilligan in the Evening Standard added to the gaiety of the nation yet again with his piece describing e-mails exhanged between public servant, and seriously over-paid champange socialist clearly, Peter Hendy, Transport Commissioner, effectively Chief Exec of Transport for London and Livingstone’s weasly little chief of staff, Simon Fletcher (salary £124K in 2005/6) who recently stood down to fight the election campaign. Hendy’s £320K salary comes as a surprise to Iain Martin in the Telegraph although Londoner’s will not be surprised to hear of yet another example of TfL paying too much.

Sain Berry, hard left entryist into the Green Party and their Mayoral candidate, has effectively come out for Ken. No suprise there then. It really doesn’t help.