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Karen Chouhan gets the Gilligan treatment

Labour activist Karen Chouhan gets the Gilligan treatment in the Evening Standard tonight. If the whole thing didn’t smell so badly it would be hilarious.

Click to enlarge to see what Jasper had planned for the Labour party conference in Manchester eighteen months ago.

The obvious questions to Jasper are:

  1. Did you go?
  2. If so, who paid for the hotel and other expenses?
  3. Were you on holiday or were you working?

I pointed the finger at Chouhan back in August as it was clear that in criticising Boris Johnson she was not exactly an objective observer but was simply a Livingstone stooge, bought and paid for. The only way Chouhan could claim any objectivity in any comments she makes about London stem from the fact that she lives in Leicester and her views are thus unclouded by direct experience.


Only yesterday in an interview with the Independent Gilligan was telling how he was paying out this set of stories slowly and had thus succeeded in making the Mayor come out to defend Lee Jasper before Gilligan gave him the second barrel. Great tactics. The Mayor must assume that there are more barrels to come.

Gilligan says in the interview:

In some ways, Livingstone’s response has been more damaging than the allegations, because it has been so unpleasant, so transparently dishonest and so arrogant. The clear impression has come across of a man who doesn’t believe he should be held to account and doesn’t want to answer straightforward factual questions.

The Mayor’s website is notably quiet on this subject today. Perhaps the Mayor and his team of 265 PRs have at last worked out that staying quiet is the best response.

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You deserve a few plaudits for your work in holding Ken and his ‘team’ to account, too.

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