Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Jasper has gone

It seems that there is a limit even with Lee Jasper and his resignation letter has appeared on the Mayor’s website tonight.

Ken Livingstone
Mayor of London

4 March 2008

Dear Ken,

I am proud of my record in contributing to the huge reduction in racist attacks in London, the work I have carried out in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service in relation to Operation Trident, reductions in the levels of domestic violence and the increased employment of Black, Asian and women officers.

Further, the work we delivered in ensured equality in London is delivered has been astounding.

However, it has become clear that a number of matters which are not of first importance in London are being used to distract from the crucial questions in the election campaign.

The racist nature of a relentless media campaign and the consequent effects on myself and family have placed an intolerable strain on all of us.

I have decided to put a stop to this by tendering my resignation.

Lee Jasper

Maybe the real scandal is that this guy was paid at the same rate as a Cabinet minister and he can produce a sentence like this: “Further, the work we delivered in ensured equality in London is delivered has been astounding”.

To the last the guy is a creep, effectively accusing Andrew Gilligan of being a racist. Gilligan merely asked him to account for himself. That makes him a journalist, not a racist.

I guess that the Mayor was cutting his losses. Maybe he hopes that Gilligan hasn’t got anything on him and that he can end this here by making Jasper walk.

Jasper was due to face the London Assembly at 10am tommorow. Boris says:

Ken Livingstone has been standing by his man for years and in particular in recent months as allegation after allegation has emerged. The Mayor has repeatedly assured Londoners that there is a full audit trail for spent public money and that he trusts Lee Jasper with his life. The resignation of one of the Labour Mayor’s most senior and trusted advisers is further proof that Ken Livingstone has had his day. He has repeatedly said he is directly responsible for the actions of his advisers and he should take Jasper’s place tomorrow and answer the questions that Jasper won’t. Otherwise Londoners can only conclude he is arrogant and out of touch. Londoners deserve to know where their hard-earned cash has gone.