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Hendy gets the Gilligan treatment – again

Andrew Gilligan has another piece in the Standard tonight based on a leaked e-mail from Peter Hendy, the £320K a year Transport Commissioner, ie boss, of Transport for London. This time it is Hendy effectively boasting that he can bully the police by removing funding for TOCU, the Met’s Transport Operational Command Unit, because he doesn’t like them criticising bendy buses on safety grounds. Hendy says:

… it makes me inclined to cut support for TOCU.

What a big man?

Last week Gilligan had Hendy banged to rights consorting with the Mayor’s weasly little chief of staff, Socialist Action-er Simon Fletcher, see here.

Given that both of these stories are based on leaked e-mails we might suspect that there is more like this to come. Goody, goody!