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Green bullshit

Sian BerryWe know the Mayor likes a pretty face, especially if she is a red hot socialist like Sian Berry. Today Livingstone and Berry have published a joint letter in the Guardian.

It could not be further from the truth to say that there are no serious differences between the contenders in the London mayoral election (The Weary and warier, March 18; Ken and Boris play Big Brother, March 19).

The choice between Boris Johnson’s nightmare vision and our policies could not be clearer. Boris Johnson opposed the minimum wage, and supported George Bush in opposing the Kyoto treaty. He would scrap the affordable housing requirement and the £25 CO2 charge on gas guzzlers, and has called the low emission zone to cut air pollution “the most punitive, draconian fining regime in the whole of Europe”. He backs nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

Because Boris Johnson’s anti-green and anti-social agenda is a throwback that means he cannot be trusted with London’s future, we have come together to call on our supporters to use their second-preference votes for each other. The choice is very clear – go backwards with Boris Johnson, or make sure London continues to have a green mayor by voting for our candidacies.

Siân Berry, Green party candidate
Ken Livingstone, Labour party candidate

Both Livingstone and Berry know that both Emissions Related Congestion Charging (ERCC) and the Low Emission Zone will have absolutely no impact on CO2 emissions in London, indeed ERCC will probably increase them. It now becomes clear why Livingstone persuaded TfL, run by his mate, £320K a year Peter Hendy, to spend £3.3 million last year consulting on these two schemes. Of course he was not interested in the consultation results (which in the ERCC case went against him and were not published for three months after they were available) – all he cared about was spending most of the £3.3 million on publicly funded advertising making out how green he was. Note that the LEZ art work – which on its own had £1.9 million of public money spent to grab mindshare for the branding – has been ripped off for the Mayor’s own campaign graphics.

Talk about bent.

Still the Mayor is talking about Boris too much. Doh!

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Why doesn’t anyone mention Ken’s love of setting off mega firework displays at the Thames Festival and on New Year’s Eve? Regularly.

The CO2 isn’t anything to worry about, in spite of all his hype, as it’s actually a weak greenhouse gas. But there are lots of noxious chemicals and noise to frighten domestic pets.

Is Sian Berry either too dumb to realise what a hypocrite ‘Green Ken’ is, or perhaps she condones it, because he bashes motorists and lets her Green colleagues feel important by pushing his budgets through? The result – whacking great council tax bills for hard working Londoners.

Yes, but CUTE Green Bullshit… A nice counterbalance for a not-very-attractive Ken known for not keeping his word… DISTRACT THE PUNTERS WITH EYE-CANDY.


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