Parking Services

Final Parking Services panel tonight

Parking Services Specialist Scrutiny PanelThe fifth and final meeting of the Parking Services Specialist Scrutiny Panel will take place in Committee Room 2 at the Town Hall at 7pm tonight. See agenda and papers here.

The draft final report is here. It still has a few rough edges but I think the panel has done a good job at identifying the main issues and the work of scrutiny officers has been very impressive.

The six key recommendations of the panel are as follows:

  1. The capacity of Parking Services’ customer reception in Perceval House to deal with customers should be increased so as to reduce waiting times in line with the council’s 10-minute target.
  2. The opening hours of the customer services reception should be varied to make services more accessible for those who cannot visit during standard hours.
  3. All parking services, including making both informal and formal representations against a PCN, should be made available online by the end of the 2008/09 financial year.
  4. Parking Services and Customer Services should jointly develop an action plan to ensure that all customers receive timely and quality responses to their written and telephone enquiries and to address areas of poor performance.
  5. Compliance with parking and traffic regulations should be developed as a key performance indicator for Parking Services.
  6. Parking Services’ should develop a communications strategy to improve understanding of parking regulations and provide additional guidance on parking in the borough.

No doubt there will be a some points raised tonight on the draft document that we will include in the final report that goes to cabinet. I would be very happy to receive any further comments from you in the comments section below.