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Boris’ transport manifesto

Back BorisA couple of weeks on and I was in town again this morning for Boris’ transport manifesto launch. Last time it was “Making London safer”. This time it was “Getting London moving”.

Read the whole thing here.

Again it is high quality stuff and there is no doubting that Boris has done his homework and come up with some fresh new ideas. No doubt some will scoff that “Express buses in South London” is an oxymoron but that is a little hard. You could use the argument that buses will slow down traffic as an argument for having no buses anywhere.

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Boris is afraid of addressing one of the key issues of London Underground short-failings: that of station staff on duty on stations to provide support and assistance to staff. Outside normal working hours, stations such as South Ealing do not have responsible staff that are accounable or helpful to the public. To give you an eample, not too long ago I had occasion to tray and use a five pound note at South Ealing Tube Station. It would not work in any of the machines at eight o’clock in the evening. The ticket office was closed, and although there was a member of staff in there, and I was able to talk to him when he came out to empty the litter bag of used tickets after a group of disembarking passengers had deposited a small number of tickets in a litter bag (presumable to stop other people from using them as there was only a small amount of litter in the transparent bag). Before he disappeared back into the closed ticket office he informed me that there was nothing that he could do about the five pound note: he could not change it as the ticket office was closed; and suggested that I ask the minicad despatchers in the station if they could help me. I was absolutely stunned by this: London Underground epmloy staff at stations who are unable to help passengers while they are there as working staf BUT THEY ARE ABLE O LEAVE THE BOOKING OFFICE TO COLLECT SMALL QUATITIES OF USED TICKETS FROM THE REFUSE BAG!
This is an example of the awful mindset that Boris is going to have to address before I will consider voting for him. His idead of a policeman at each station was unnecessary in the days of ticket collectors and station managers: we do not need policemen on each station we need a fundamental reform of the London Underground Tube System and its management. The sacking of the management and the privatisation of the system would be a good idea, along with the re-instatement of station staff that HAVE TO INTERACT WITH THE PASSENGERS face-toface DURING THE HOURS THAT THE TUBE SYSTEM OPERATES. The idea of policemen on every station is a clear indication tha London Underground is reponsibel to no-one, and that the only influence the Mayor can bring to the antiquated and dilapidated tube system is to bring in external staff. Surely it is up to the London Underground management to implement an effective local management of its stations, and not the Police force (I cannot see the Government using Police in say, a major chain of department stores if violence is taking place there: instead the stores would be closed, and only allowed to re-open with appropriate management changes).
Why are the managers of London Underground above the law?

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