Mayor Johnson

The Boris show

Almost a month ago I said that the Mayor should shut up about Boris, see previous posting. Tonight Ian Dale agrees with me, see here.

Iain says:

Ken Livingstone’s campaign launch today proved one thing – that the mayor continues to be obsessed by his opponent. Whatever question he is asked by journalists, he always brings the subject back to Boris. This is an odd strategy for a hackneyed old campaigner like Ken to adopt. Normally in his position you’d expect a candidate to rise above the fray and either ignore his opponent or to swat him away like you would an irritating gnat.

The BBC’s coverage of today’s launch of the Mayoral campaign had interviews with both Boris and Livingstone. Whilst Boris’s is positive and engaging Livingstone wastes too much time making cracks about Boris. Livingstone says:

Boris looks to the past.


… he is very much a classic Thatcherite believing in small government, not intervening.

The first is just rubbish and the second uses the label Thatcherite as an insult. Fine. The Mayor also repeats his self-incriminating Crossrail scare line:

If a mayor gets that wrong you can bankrupt the city.

Who cut a deal with Gordon Brown that could bankrupt the city? Ken Livingstone – no kind of negotiator, no kind of competent executive mayor thank you.