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Sharma is in Stacey’s sights

jason-stacey.jpgYesterday the Leader of Ealing Council, Cllr Jason Stacey, issued a press release calling on Cllr Virendra Sharma MP to resign as a councillor after it was revealed that he has attended only a few minutes of one Council meeting since his election as an MP in July 2007.

Cllr Sharma was elected MP for Ealing Southall at a by-election on 19th July 2007, but decided he would continue as a councillor representing Norwood Green ward. Since then, Cllr Sharma has been scheduled to attend nine Council meetings and yet he has turned up to just one meeting where he was present for around five minutes. Cllr Sharma continues to claim his full councillor’s allowance.

Stacey said:

Since his election as an MP Cllr Sharma has found time to squeeze in three foreign trips so you would think he might be able to attend meetings that affect the lives of the residents he is supposed to be representing. You would think that as the MP for the Southall area he would be particularly interested in ensuring he attended the Southall Area Committee but Cllr Sharma has by far and away the worst record of attendance of any councillor.

He is doing a real disservice to the residents of Norwood Green and I say to Cllr Sharma that he should step aside and let someone else come forward who will do a proper job.

I blogged previously about Sharma’s holidays and partial attendance at one council meeting.

Note: Cllr Sharma has not attended the following Council meetings that he was scheduled to attend since 19 July 2007: Southall Area Committee on 19 September, 27 November and 23 January; Transport and Environment Scrutiny on 17 October, 19 December, and 30 January; Full Council on 11 December; Planning on 17 October and 30 January.

3 replies on “Sharma is in Stacey’s sights”

About time. The man is a waste of space in Parliament, no sense in him being a waste of space in the Council as well.

He’s not a very good correspondent either.

I have written him four quite detailed letters on subjects where I would have expected a proper response. However I have only received one response and that was received in mid-January, for a letter I wrote to him in November last year. It was just to say he noted the contents of my letter and had forwarded it to the appropriate Government Department. He apologised for the delay in replying but said he “had a heavy case load”. It was signed by one of his staff.

Councillors Sharma obviously should resign. The people in Norwood Green rightly deserve better. While Councillor Stacey’s at it, can he also tell the useless councillors we’re stuck with in Hanwell to go too? Some never turn up for meetings and most of the rest might as well not bother for all they do when they’re there. Councillor Oxley is never around and Councillor Greenheed might as well not be for all the good she does as she’s away with the fairies most of the time and never bothers to answer any emails. Why should we be stuck with such lazy people representing our community?

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