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Post Office closures

The Post Office should consult for 12 weeks but 10 weeks is good enough for meToday’s big story for many Londoners will be reports that 169 Post Offices are to close across London. See story in tonight’s Standard here.

These closures will affect many in Ealing. The following Ealing Post Offices are on the list:

  1. Greenford Green, 1238 Greenford Road, UB6
  2. The Avenue, 22 The Avenue, W13
  3. Boileau Parade, 2 Boileau Parade, W5
  4. Bollo Bridge Road, 102-104 Bollo Bridge Road, W3
  5. Churchfied Road, 24 Churchfield Road, W3
  6. Haven Green, 2 Madeley Road, Haven Green, W5
  7. Norwood Green, 175 Norwood Road, UB2
  8. Park Parade, 6 Park Parade, Gunnersbury Avenue, W3

Also there are 3 post offices close to borough boundaries whose closure will impact upon Ealing residents, these are:

  1. Chiswick High Road, 110 Chiswick High Road, W4 (LB Hounslow)
  2. Askew Road, 68 Askew Raod W12 (LBH&F)
  3. Goldhawk Road, 88 Goldhawk Road W12 (LBH&F)

The Mayor is threatening the Post Office with judicial review. In particular he is exercised that the consultation in only 6 weeks long. He cites Cabinet Office guidance that states that 12 weeks minimum is good practice for public consultations. We should hold the Mayor to this in future. His £1.4 million consultation on emissions related congestion charging, which he suppressed because he didn’t like the result, ran from 10th August 2007 to 19th October 2007, ie only ten weeks. What a jerk?

The Mayor’s press release doesn’t tell you how to respond to the consultation. The Evening Standard does:

Those wishing to register their views should contact or write to Post Office Ltd at Freepost Consultation (no stamp required) or email .

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I’d be more inclined to support Post Offices if they gave a proper service. On Monday Ealing main post office, in High Street, refused to sell me a single postage stamp. The manager has decided that you must buy a book of 6. There were furious rows with other customers going on. It’s disgraceful, and I’d be interested to know if it’s illegal.

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