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No more Londoner

The Mayor’s press machine have got themselves in a tizzy about an article in the Sunday Times today. The good news is that we will not the wretched Londoner anymore after February. The Mayor apparently does not reckon to publish it in March and April. Boris Johnson has promised not to publish it if he is elected so if you want to see the back of it vote Boris! Still nice to see the Mayor’s 265 comms people getting some overtime on a Sunday.

As ever these people are twisting the truth. This so-called paper usually comes out at the start of the month – not the end of it! They will get the February issue out at the end of the month so there are only two clear months between then and the elections.

In 2004 the election was on June 10th. The last issue of the Londoner came out in April leaving only one clear month.

I guess a month’s worth of the Londoner will not make much difference in a climate where the Mayor is spending £100 million a year on advertising and PR.