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Mayor cheating again

Today the Mayor has launched a new electioneering website and a set of online ads – which I saw first on Iain Dale’s blog. The artwork for the new site/ads owes much to the artwork for the Low Emission Zone ads that went with the £1.9 million LEZ consultation and another million or so of ads to announce the start of the scheme.

Here is the Mayor’s artwork:

Mayor's cheap rip off

Here is the LEZ artwork:

Public property - some £2-3 million worth

London’s taxpayers have spent £ millions building up this lovely Teletubbies green and blue branding and getting it established in people’s minds and the Mayor is simply stealing it for his campaign. This is passing off, plain and simple.

We shouldn’t be surprised as his race and police advisor, suspended but still paid from the public purse, is electioneering on the Mayor’s behalf in EMG’s Voice “newspaper” – see Evening Standard piece here.

These guys are just bandits.

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[…] Both Livingstone and Berry know that both Emissions Related Congestion Charging (ERCC) and the Low Emission Zone will have absolutely no impact on CO2 emissions in London, indeed ERCC will probably increase them. It now becomes clear why Livingstone persuaded TfL, run by his mate, £320K a year Peter Hendy, to spend £3.3 million last year consulting on these two schemes. Of course he was not interested in the consultation results (which in the ERCC case went against him and were not published for three months after they were available) – all he cared about was spending most of the £3.3 million on publicly funded advertising making out how green he was. Note that the LEZ art work – which on its own had £1.9 million of public money spent to grab mindshare for the branding – has been ripped off for the Mayor’s own campaign graphics. […]

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