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Green Mayor

Andrew Marr gave Ken Livingstone a typically easy ride on his show this morning, see the transcript here. Some interesting points did come out though.

Anyone being interviewed on TV will try to get their own message across when they get the chance. When he did get the chance the Mayor listed his issues here:

They don’t want to discuss what are we doing to reduce carbon emissions? Why is crime falling and no-one’s reporting it? Hey, what are you doing about public transport? Those are the real issues – are you going to have affordable housing?

Note the order:

  1. reduce carbon emissions
  2. falling crime
  3. public transport
  4. affordable housing.

Now it is clear why the Mayor spent £3.3 million, mostly on adverts, last year to run the emissions related congestion charging and Low Emission Zone consultations. Both of these schemes will have NO impact on carbon emissions but they enhance the Mayor’s strong green brand which he is not afraid of leveraging by re-using very expensively purchased mind share, see previous posting.

One reply on “Green Mayor”

I just can’t resist it:

1) reduce carbon emissions.
Ken helps by inhabiting an elaborate air-conditioned building that uses lots of energy to keep it at the right temperature and ventilated and keep the lifts moving, all resulting in massive carbon emissions from all the energy required compared with a modern Swiss (for want of a another example) naturally-ventilated office building. He perpetuates an incredibly antiquated and inefficient underground rail system producing huge amounts of carbon emmissions to keep the power-hungry antiquated technology running with no plans for modernisation invlving replacement of the fundamental Victorian technology.

2) falling crime
By employing an old-buy network of monumental proportions with huge expense bills (as per your Blog here!).

3)public transport
By producing one of the most expensive and perpetuating one of the most antiquated transport systems in the world without even acknoledging the need for the retirement of the secretive Viictorian management running it.

4) affordable housing
By levying a massive surcharge on each Lonon Council Tax payer, in effect making OWNING A LONDON HOME “NOT AFFORDABLE”. Furthermore, one would think that democratic-egalitarian-inclusive Ken would look towards some fairer way of raising funding for his Central London Oligarchy that taxed the USERS of London on a per-head, rather than a per-Home basis: particulalry in the case of the better-paid managerial and financial industry types who work in London, and use its facilities (like the transport system) while living outside Lodon, making London LESS AFFORDABLE for its home owners through his levy!

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