Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Ethnic Media Group in a tizzy

I was a bit surprised to get an e-mail from the managing director of Ethnic Media Group today, see below. I also had Lester Holloway, the new editor of New Nation which is one of EMG’s publications, posting on an old piece I did back in December commenting on the Mayor’s “Get Gilligan” press conference. I was at a loss to know what had stirred them up. Then I saw Andrew Gilligan’s piece in the Standard from yesterday here. I was a bit busy with speaking at council last night to read the paper.

Dear Mr Taylor,

Could you please get in touch by telephone in regards to the publishing of false and inaccurate information.

I have family roots spanning three generations in the Ealing Borough and wish to speak with you.

I await your call.

Thank you.

Wayne Bower
Managing Director
Ethnic Media Group Ltd

I am not sure quite what Bower wants from me. Is he going to send his big brother round to rough me up or something? He can comment here if he wants to share his views.

Just for the record Lester Holloway is an ex-Labour councillor and in his previous job edited the BLINK website where he was effectively the conduit for the Mayor’s publicly funded campaign against Trevor Phillips becoming the chariman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.