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Divisive Sharma

Local MP Virendra Sharma has had some quotes published on the Ealing Times website today:

Cllr Stacey wrote to me in October of last year, stating that the proceeds from the sale of the shops in Southall has gone into a central capital receipts fund.

Having watched his cabinet in operation since then I am firmly of the view that the Tories are working hard to create an east-west divide in the borough.

The Tories have sold off local community assets in Southall, and diverted this income into bailing out projects to benefit their own areas in Greenford and the east of the borough.

Southall deserves better community facilities and the Tories should stop selling off its assets and make a real effort to invest in Southall’s future.

He seems to forget the £1.4 million to be spent on just the library on the Jubilee Gardens site and the work that has been commissioned to provide a new car park in Southall. Clearly he also missed the presentation of the Southall framework to councillors on 10th January (Whoops, I was in India!) but then Sharma has been pretty much totally AWOL from the council since he was elected as a councillor let alone an MP. The current council is committed to raising up the whole borough. Sharma seems to be intent on inflaming passions in Southall rather having any kind of proper debate.

The row of shops he is talking about was one of the most bizarre items in the council’s property portfolio. The idea that the council should hold shop leases was just plain silly. They have been sold off to the highest bidder and the cash will be spent across the borough. Great. If the council sold a surplus asset in Northfield I would expect the proceeds to go where the council’s priorities were, not to gold plating the streets of Northfield. It is a shame that Sharma can’t see the big picture. The council covers three Parliamentary constituencies not just Sharma’s and even he seems to be only interested in part of his patch. Maybe the workshy Sharma should get on with some actual work.

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