Darwin Road

This morning your three councillors spent a couple of hours knocking on every door in Darwin Road. Once a month we try to get out and see what is going on in different streets in the ward. It was Darwin’s turn today. Most people were happy with the services they were receiving. They like the combined collection and are enthusiastic about the collection of plastics although there were some complaints that sometimes the crews were a bit picky about what plastic they took.

A few people mentioned parking, shortage of. We have had a few people suggest to us there should be a CPZ in the south of the ward but most people who talked about parking today were against a CPZ as they felt that ia CPZ would cause a loss of parking in itself so they would end up no better off.

One lady was worried about lorries with what looked like loads of chemicals parked in the road. If this is a recurring problem we can stop this by erecting a sign indicating that overnight lorry parking is not allowed. This costs a couple of hundred quid so we don’t do it on every road but if there is a particular problem in Darwin let us know and we can sort it.

It looked like one house had created a DIY disabled parking bay – they will be having a visit next week no doubt.

A number of people were concerned about the third runway at Heathrow. The council recently held three public meetings in Ealing, see press release. The consultation on plans for a third runway closes on 27th February. Residents can have their say by following this link or by calling 0845 600 4170 for a paper copy of the consultation documents.

There was also concern about the Leaf development in the Town Centre. This has been put on hold for the time being. Over the next few weeks the council will be consulting on the Ealing Metropolitan Town Centre “master plan”. This will give you the chance to have your say on where Ealing, and West Ealing, goes over the next 10, 15 or 20 years. More here later.

Please use the comments sections of this posting to raise any more issues that need to be addressed in Darwin Road, or indeed in other streets in the ward.

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As a resident living off Northfield Avenue I was heartened to read that residents in Darwin Rd, close to Brentford, are also concerned about the over-development of central Ealing, notably the “Leaf” of 700 flats., and that councillors are taking the initiative as described.
The Heathrow expansion is very worrying and I was shocked to realise recently that there are scheduled flights landing over Brentford/Great West Rd as early as 0430hrs, disturbing sleeping residents, who are tollerant enough during the daytime. This needs pegging back to 0600hrs as it is!

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