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Sharma the lazy

Virendra SharmaEaling Southall MP, Virendra Sharma, doesn’t seem to have been putting himself out that much on our behalf since he was elected last July. He has so far managed to have at least FOUR holidays.

Cyprus 30 September-3 October 2007

Went for so-called study visit with Friends of Cyprus delegation. Accommodation costs, use of car and driver provided by the Republic of Cyprus House of Representatives. Return flights to Cyprus paid for out of House of Commons European travel allowance. Registered 17 October 2007. Since when has Sharma had any interest in Cyprus?

India 23-30 October 2007

Went to India, including New Delhi and Mumbai, for international Parliamentarians of Indian Origin event. Return flight to India, accommodation, meals and travel costs met by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. Registered 21 November 2007. Nice for him. Maybe useful for India to be able influence international parliamentarians. What’s in it for Ealing and Southall?

India 16-23 November 2007

Off to India again with London Mayor Ken Livingstone, see previous posting.

Just plain absent 8-9 January 2008

Missed first week back at Parliament and failed to vote for these two days, see previous posting.

I guess his high level of absenteeism explains his low work rate. In his first six months in Parliament he has roused himself to speak only 3 times and has rather feebly asked 3 written questions. Is that really enough work for six months pay?

I acknowledge as the source for the Parliamentary stats – great job.

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I’ve no brief for Cllr Sharma (who is possibly the least inspiring political figure I’ve seen) but I hope you don’t really think that an MP’s workload is measured simply in speeches and questions. I believe TW4U have a message counselling against drawing that conclusion.

I’d be more interested to know how much work he has done as a councillor since winning his parliamentary seat – we must assume he is still claiming his allowance?

I can understand combining one trip to India with say an extension for family reasons but two trips in consecutive months is going down the wrong path, when many in West London face problems of further noise and congestion from massive expansion of Heathrow, beyond the level most have regarded as the limit!
Virendra Sharma MP will shortly have to make his position crystal clear because this is now a mainstream issue.

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