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Sharma still on holiday

Virendra SharmaI decided to check how local MPs had voted yesterday on the Tory motion that speaks out against Government proposals to reduce funding for those who already have higher education qualifications but want to undertake more study.

That this House is concerned that the Government’s decision to withdraw funding from institutions for equivalent or lower qualification students will have a disproportionate impact on the part-time sector in general and on specific institutions such as Birkbeck and the Open University; and urges the Government to consider ways in which it can minimise the damage this measure will do to lifelong learning and the delivery of the Leitch agenda objectives.

Local MPs Andy Slaughter and Stephen Pound both dutifully voted with the Government.

Northfield and Southall MP Virendra Sharma is clearly still on his holidays, see voting record here.

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Has anyone noticed award an above inflation pay rise for the EU? The Tories will vote against, but enough New Labour goons will vote for the European Communities (Finance) Bill on 15 Jan for it to go through.

(UK net contributions for 2007-13 are set to rise by +63% over the previous period, with a further review in 2008; all figures necessarily ballpark).

While New Labour is subsidising our competitors, Gordon regrets he would “like to pay… more” to nurses and police but that this was not possible at the moment. Police, nurses and other public sector workers,
have been told that their own rises must stay below a 2% ceiling this
year to keep inflation under control.

(BBC News, )

This bunch of hypocrites should be kicked out forever into the political darkness.

What difference would it make if Sharma wasn’t on holiday? Given that he has NEVER voted against the goverment and almost certainly never will, it doesn’t make much difference whether he turns up to parliament or not.

[…] On 10th January I mentioned that local MP Virendra Sharma was AWOL and not back in Parliament voting for the first couple of days if business. I then posted about his three foreign trip to-date and noted he had had an extended Christmas break. Now he has updated his entry in the Register of Members’ Interests and it appears that he was in India for the third time in the space of sixth months and did not get into the country until 10th January. See his list of trips below. So in six months our new MP has made 4 foriegn trips. Maybe one a year is reasonable but four in six months is quite simple preposterous. […]

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