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More for less

jason-stacey.jpgToday council leader Jason Stacey has been briefing the Ealing Times about next year’s council tax and his priorities for the borough. He says we will have a below inflation increase. By this I am pretty sure he means a below CPI increase rather than a below RPI increase! CPI, the Government’s target measure for inflation, was 2.1% in December, unchanged from November. RPI inflation fell to 4.0% in December, down from 4.3% in November. See more here.

We already knew that the Mayor’s portion was going up 2.4%, see previous posting. The Mayor compared his, modest by his standards, rise with RPI to make it look good.

Stacey said:

Last year we dealt with the issues of street cleaning and putting more bobbies on the beat, and we will not be pumping more into those areas this year.

I think it’s important we look at the state of the road surfaces which need replacing and put more money into our heritage buildings, some of which are falling down. There are some big figures involved in their maintenance.

We are also abolishing the charge for collecting things like fridges from people’s homes, which currently stands at £15, and will be bringing in a street washing programme.

There is also going to be a £50,000 investment for more litter bins around the borough.

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