Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor in Davos

I'm living it up in Switzerland but don't let onAfter his “worst week” the Mayor flew off to Davos in Switzerland to hob-nob on the public purse with world leaders. Strangely this fact is not mentioned on the Mayor’s home page. He does not like to highlight his international travel because it does rather undermine his green stance.

The list of public figures published by the World Economic Forum includes his name along with only three other world mayors. I wonder what business Livingstone might be doing with the mayors of Milan, Tehran and Dalian (China). I guess Michael Bloomberg is actually running his city. Still you have got to admire the guy’s chutzpah going off on a massive beano when he is fighting for his political life.

Still at least in Davos the Mayor doesn’t have to read his bad notices back home in the Times, Telegraph and Standard.