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It is always a good laugh reading other party’s literature – or at least it is if you a bit of a political spanner like me. I particularly enjoyed the Walpole FOCUS No. 14 which I saw this weekend. Apparently the LibDem “FOCUS team”, led by local LibDem parliamentary candidates Jon Ball and Nigel Bakhai, has been studying at the Bassam Mahfouz School of Hubris. According to them:

Following a concerted campaign over many years by local Liberal Democrat councillors, the Council recently began recycling plastic in Ealing.

Yeah, right.

They go on to say:

Please tell us where the Council needs to improve the collection of household waste, cardboard or plastics, using the voucher at the bottom of the page.

Please don’t. Don’t tell me neither! Please make your first port of call the excellent customer services line 020 8825 6000. I regularly phone this number to report problems in my street and my ward with everything from street lighting to fly-tips. They often solve problems the same day.

If things aren’t sorted out quickly then contact your councillor and get him or her on the job. Sending a form to Jon Ball or Nigel Bakhai won’t get your your street cleaned up. It might be nice if the LibDems promoted the council’s customer services number rather than just making mischief. Ho hum.

One reply on “LibDem victory”

Door-to-door plastics recycling is something we in the Lib Dems have been campaigning for in Ealing for many years. For instance, our 2002 local manifesto included a proposal to:

“Set up a weekly collection to recycle plastic, a major environmental pollutant, in Ealing (as they already do in Sutton).”

This is an issue we’ve pushed over the years through petitions, press releases and council amendments.

By contrast, the Conservative commitment to the environment dates back roughly to David Cameron’s election as leader.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I’m happy for the Tories to steal our ideas, but then attacking us for stating that they were our ideas in the first place is a bit rich!

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