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Faith, hope and charity

I have tried to devote some time to other things today after having spent too much time on my Mayor’s stooges story during the previous two days. I spent a large part of Thursday and most of Friday afternoon checking out the backgrounds of the Mayor’s chorus. It was strangely fascinating but time comsuming.

Jonathan Hoffman points out today on the Harry’s Place blog that 16 of these signatories claim to represent charities which according to Charity Commission guidance “must not support a political party or candidate”.

48. Following the principles, it is acceptable for a charity to advocate support for a particular policy, even if that policy solution is advocated by a political party or candidate, providing the policy is in furtherance of the charity’s purposes. However a charity must not support a political party or candidate.

ConHome front page 4-1-2007

The story was well covered on other blogs. Thanks to Iain Dale and Tim Mongomerie (ConservativeHome) for linking to it.

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