Ealing and Northfield

87% of Ealing’s streets A grade clean

I have just seen the latest stats from the people that check up on ECT, the Borough’s street cleaning contractors. Across Ealing 87% of streets are A grade meaning there is nothing on the street when the graders come round. They try to come just after the scheduled weekly street clean so if you see the odd discarded can or bag of crisps it has probably only been there a matter of days since the last clean.

Northfield is often top of these lists but in December we were only second at 93.3% to Ealing Broadway at 94.7%. The picture across the whole borough is remarkably consistent with the worst ward coming in at 80%. So even in the worst part of Ealing 80% of the streets are perfect.

These figures do accord with what I see walking and driving around town and with what friends and neighbours tell me. Well done to all of the staff involved. And well done to us too for not making a mess in the first place.

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Well done for cleaning up the streets. It’s just incredible how dirty the streets were when the Tories took over the Council in May 2006. It’s also amazing how long it takes to turn around bad service provision.

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