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Livingstone doing his job, hooray!

Be niceAt last the Mayor is doing something that he is paid to do. Demanding more civility on public transport.

We have not seen much on this topic from Livingstone in the past eight years so it is interesting to see the Mayor respond to Boris Johnson’s call for greater civility – he raised this issue at his campaign launch on September 3rd, see previous posting.

Too often politicians are wary of taking on board this kind of issue. They worry that the people they chastise will not vote for them. Maybe the Mayor has calculated that on average the people who mess the place up will either not be registered to vote or will not bother to vote anyway whilst the rest of us far outnumber the idiots. If so he is right.

See the Mayor’s little movie here. The movie does not show teenagers bad mouthing drivers when they challenge them to show their free passes so it is a little fanciful.

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I think that the one million pounds that the video cost might be better spent on sveral other options:

i) Teaching London Underground Staff how to be polite to customers (the LUL is the only place where the customer is ALWAYS wrong.

ii) Removing treatening posters about voilence to LUL staff.

iii) Publicsing the complaints proecure about London Transport (as a whole).

iv) Redundancy paymenys for Bus Drivers and Train Operatin Staff who ignore assualts and theft from and to passengers.

v) A study and process to provatise the tube system.

vi) Mental aptitude and competency tests for Senior London Underground Staff and Management.

vii) Seats arounf the entrance of Ealing Broadway Station, South Ealing Stations, etc. (I have found NO OTHER country in the world where there is nowhere for people meeting passengers to sit at station entrances–LUL is PRIMITIVE in this respect; even the most distant stations in Siberia have seating around the entrance.

The list goes on… If LUL continues to provide a service that breaks the laws for transporting cattle and livestock then stress and resulting anger must be a necessary part of the outcome: squeeze cattle in too close and they die, or at the very least get stressed and hurt each other. This video is “hubris”. Roll on EU legislation on the human transportation of people….


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