Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor to be dispatched


Tonight the Standard is all over the Mayor again, this time highlighting next Monday’s Channel 4 Dispatches programme which is going to raise a number of problems for the Mayor. It will be indispensable viewing so make a date for 8pm on Monday night. I know the researchers have been trawling far and wide to get the full Livingstone story – I met them in September.

One piece in the Standard tonight relates how Redmond O’Neill, Neale Coleman and John Ross, three of the Mayor’s senior staff and old buddies from Socialist Action broke the rules to run the Mayor’s 2004 election campaign whilst in politically restricted jobs. According to the The TaxPayers’ Alliance Town Hall Rich List all three were paid £117,882K last year (the same as Lee Jasper and Joy Johnson). How equal!

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I look forward to the Dispatches documentary on Boris Johnson offering to have journalists beaten up.

What do you mean there isn’t one? Anyone would think there was some sort of agenda?

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