Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Who cares about Christians?

At least I guess this is what the Mayor and our Prime Minister thinks. I was amused to see this piece on the Tameside Eye blog pointing out that Gordon Brown managed to do Diwali and Eid greetings earlier this year but failed to mention Christmas on the Number 10 website. The same thought occurred to me in respect of the Mayor just before Christmas.

There was a silly video of about 5 million people and a cherry picker erecting a Christmas tree outside No 10. The Burning Our Money blog doesn’t think much of this use of public funds.

I guess the PM might argue that it is not his place to usurp the Queen’s traditional Christmas message – if this is his case he might have spelt it out. The Mayor can’t really hide behind this argument. His Christmas Eve front page, click to enlarge below, fails to mention Christmas and is instead full of self serving rubbish about emissions and counter attacks against the Evening Standard’s Andrew Gilligan.

Bugger Christmas

On the 19th September the Mayor said:

It gives me great pleasure to extend my special greetings to London’s Muslims on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, as they mark the end of Ramadan.

On 8th October the Mayor said:

Diwali is an important occasion for London’s Hindus, Sikhs and Jains, and represents the power of good to triumph over evil a theme that has relevance for all of London’s communities, because it signifies the value of co-operation and mutual respect between peoples of differing faiths and backgrounds. On this joyous occasion, I wish everyone a happy and prosperous Diwali.

On 26th November the Mayor said:

The lighting of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree signifies the start of Christmas for many people in London. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of visitors to the square come along to hear the carols during December and help raise money for good causes.

The pleasure and joy previously professed by the Mayor for minority festivals seems to be strangely absent when it comes to the Christian Christmas festival. All of a sudden there is no mention of religion it is just an opportunity to raise some cash for charity.