More SNT arrests

SNT banner from Met site.jpgToday our Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant, Cliff Elam, writes to say that they arrested three 14-year olds that they caught damaging cars in Wellington Road on Thursday. This has been going on for four or five weeks around Northfields tube station.

I understand that this is the second group of three arrested in this period. The team have been working nights to find these people after a number of reports of problems.

Sometimes people misunderstand the role of these teams. They are not meant to whizz round when you dial 999. They are not what the police call response officers. They work very differently. They may not take your call immediately as they may not be on duty when you report a nuisance crime such as graffiti or car vandalism (a very expensive and irritating nuisance crime so let’s not get hung up on the terminology!). With only six officers there is no way the could provide a 24 hour a day service for the ward. They are not meant to.

The team is meant to be pro-active so whilst they may not take a call at 2am they might well be out at that time, as they needed to be in this case, after a particular criminal or group of criminals. The team also had to work nights to catch the graffitti vandals that they have caught.

All three ward councillors are full of admiration for the way that Sergeant Elam has led his team for the last year or so. Well done to Cliff and the Northfield team.

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