Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor announces Tube fares to rise 5% after election

Freeze = 5% in my worldThe Mayor is as we know a big kidder and serial bender of the truth. It appears that after this year’s fares “freeze” (see previous posting) on public transport it is due to last into next year too. In an answer to a question

How much do you expect tube fares to increase in the year after the mayoral election?

from One London (ex-UKIP) Assembly Member Damian Hockney on 12th December the Mayor said:

I intend to freeze Tube fares in real terms in 2009.

We know what the Mayor means by real terms. He means increasing in line with the retail price index.

RPI was as high as 4.8% in March of this year see here.

Back in August I showed how TfL has been runing a structural deficit of £1.6 billion for the last 4 years so there is no way that the Mayor can afford to be generous with fares. All he can do is make out he is being generous with fares.