Ex-Mayor Livingstone

While the cat’s away

Photo reproduced from Evening Standard website

While Livingstone is off on his week long India beano the Standard is laying into him at home.

They report how the Metronet bust up is going to lead to a lot less investment in the Tube over the next few years.

Then they talk about how the India trip is costing us £740K. The economically challenged Mayor said soon after arriving that the trip would be paid for if just 6 people got new jobs as a result. This is just a fantasy and illustrated why Livingstone is so bad with money. He simply does not understand it.

On the comment pages Andrew Gilligan points out how gratuitously the Mayor uses his website, paid for by us, to hurl insults to all and sundry.

Finally, Gilligan does a two page feature critiquing the Met’s performance and the Mayor’s rather exaggerated claims about it (not online).

3 replies on “While the cat’s away”

Is it true that our local MP, Virendra Sharma is part of the sizeable delegation visiting India and including meeting with Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit? I can not see the benefit of this visit to residents at this end of the constituency, nor the purpose of having an office representing London in Delhi.

Yes James, absolutely true. He has had three months off for a summer recess and is off to India for a week now only a couple of weeks after the Queen’s speech. His work since he was elected in July amounts to three speeches in the Commons.

My cat is anxious for me to correct your headline. It`s the Mayor thats away and his cat, descended from Dick Whittingtons, is extremely annoyed that he`s skived off to Delhi when he already knows the streets of London are paved with gold (by extracting council tax, congestion charges, high fares)!

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