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Sharma on the Mayor’s India jolly

Virendra SharmaAccording to the Standard this evening Ealing Southall MP, Virendra Sharma, is off with Mayor Livingstone on Sunday for a week to India on a jolly.

You might have thought that new boy Sharma would want to do some actual work now he has returned from the three month long summer recess. Talk about lazy.

I guess that Sharma was feeling a bit guilty about bunking off so he roused himself to speak twice (on Tuesday and Thursday) this week bringing to three his total appearances in Parliament. Here is a taste of Sharma’s rather emetic style:

I rise to speak in this debate immensely proud of the record of this Labour Government in international development. As a new Member, my political philosophy and political motivation have always been to fight against injustice and poverty wherever they are found throughout the world. I therefore feel a very personal commitment to support the work of DFID and the Government in this respect. Having been born in and lived my early life in India, I know first hand the challenges that poverty and the lack of economic development bring.

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Lets hope this is a one-off because as a new member of parliament he has yet to earn his laurels for Ealing Southall constituency! is an interesting site where you can register to get an alert when your MP (or any others) speak in Parliament and find out much much more. I registered with this to see how often my MP would speak. Member of Parliament is not just an honorary title!

I was deeply dissapointed to learn that Sharma had addressed the annual Tamil Tigers heroes day event at the Excel Centre in London on 27.11.2007. For those unaware the Tamil Tigers also known as the LTTE are a banned terrorist group in the UK, Europe and USA, howver using a plethora of front organisations they stage this annual event where they pay hommage to falled terrorists and glorify terrorism.

It should be brought to Sharma’s attention that the Indian Government hold the leader of the LTTE Prabhakaran responsible for the murder of Rajiv Gandhi. So how can Sharma attend a meeting whch had live broadcats of Prabhakaran ‘s speech.

It is an affront to the Indian constituents that Sharma has done this.

It’s interesting to see that whilst Sharma has a lot to say about India, he has absolutely nothing to say about any of the issues affecting Ealing Southall, such as the planned Heathrow runway 3 (most of the planes from which are planned to fly over his Ealing Southall constituency), crime in the area, Ealing Southall’s extremely overcrowded public transport, it’s traffic congestion or it’s declining high streets and the plans to revive them.

I don’t honestly see the point of Ealing Southall even having an MP if he has nothing to say about his constituency.

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