Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Blair off the hook for now

The Mayor is clearly pleased that Sir Ian Blair got through his vote of no confidence at the MPA yesterday.

The Mayor cites this article by Bill Bratton, Chief of Police at the Los Angeles Police Department, in the Telegraph in support of his case.

It is notable that the Metropolitan Police Federation has nothing to say on Blair. Nothing negative but nothing positive either.

Conservative Mayoral Boris Johnson candidate seems to have his finger on the pulse on this issue:

This vote was a foregone conclusion but Londoners still think it is outrageous that an innocent man was gunned to death and nobody in the Met has paid the price for it or explained how events such as this will not be repeated in the future. Sir Ian Blair should take a leaf out of the book of Paul Gray who resigned over the spectacular cock-up at HMRC. When an institution is so gravely at fault, the boss must pay the price.

Although both the Mayor and Blair can claim credit for rolling out the Safer Neighbourhood Teams there is precious little evidence that they have had any effect in relation to reforming the core of the Met. The SNTs are a rather striking add-on but the rump of the Met remains untouched. As well as having the wrong instincts Blair has failed to reform the Met. The SNTs actually illustrate this. In other forces PCSOs are allowed to arrest. The Met’s unionised labour seem to inhibit it from giving the PCSOs a bigger role.