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All Northfield to become a controlled drinking zone

In response to a number of complaints from residents and on the advice of our Safer Neighbourhood sergeant the whole of Northfield ward is going to become a Controlled Drinking Zone. This is an enabling power which means that the police have the power to remove drink from people and ask them to disperse if they are causing a nuisance. They will have the discretion not to bug families, couples or even groups of young people who are quietly enjoying themselves and not bothering anyone else.

Recently there have been reports of problem drinking in many of our open space, including Bramley Road Open Space, Blondin Park and Lammas Park. In addition there have been reports of problems with people buying take-aways and then hanging out in places like Derwent Passage (the steps next to the Spinning Wheel).

A report will be submitted to Regulatory Committee for consideration when it sits on 28th January 2008. It would then come in to force around one month later following the fulfilment of statutory publicity.

2 replies on “All Northfield to become a controlled drinking zone”

Thank you Phil! Could you extend it tp South Ealing please!/ However, these measures address the symptoms and not the causes. I have brought it to tye attention of the local police informally a number of times over the years that there are at least two shops in South Ealing and Northfields that sell alcohol outside of licensing hours for double the normal price, yet nothing has happenend and the shops continue to have alcohol licenses. Why are we spending time, money and resources on elaborate dispersal measures (Maytrees Rest Garden) and Controlled Drinking Zones, when what we really need is for the Police o pull their finger out and actually do something! Address the root of the problem, not prettify the situation with dispersal and drinking orders.

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